UK case studies

The conservation of our unique inheritance of historic buildings requires the skill and experience to match that of the original craftsmen. At our Darwen site we have nurtured and developed this expertise to become world leaders in the restoration field.

The specialist skills required to design, match and produce bespoke terra cotta, has been the backbone of our business for well over a century. Generations of dedicated craftsmen have painstakingly and enthusiastically passed on their knowledge to new trainees to enable uninterrupted production since 1897 at Shaws.

We focus on a hands-on approach at the very early stage of the project and can accommodate restoration needs, from the vast load-bearing new south porch at the Royal Albert Hall to elaborate Victorian pub fronts, we ensure your new terra cotta will be an excellent match to the original, breathing new life into heritage buildings and providing a lasting, cost-effective solution to your conservation requirements.