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Terra Cotta restoration for the conservation and repair of historic buildings requires the skill and experience to match that of the original craftsmen.

At Shaws Terra Cotta, we have nurtured and developed this expertise to become world leaders in the Terra Cotta restoration and repair.

Our technical ability in Terra Cotta conservation goes in depth to matching the detail, blending of clays and our method of moulding clay bodies is unrivalled in the industry. We understand how fired clay improves with age, and weathers to produce subtle nuances of shade and color, so we can offer high quality natural blended results to fit right in place.

Dulwich College, London

Many Terra Cotta restoration projects start with broken, eroded or missing terra cotta pieces, which require meticulous surveys of the color, finish and detail of the original building. We pride ourselves on then recreating the construction methods of centuries ago to match the clay pieces.
The bespoke nature of our products means that selection of shape, color and finish is not restricted to a standard catalogue range. Many of the restrictions imposed by other materials and manufacturing processes are often those best accommodated by Shaws Architectural Terra Cotta and Faience. For instance, with proven durability often exceeding that of natural stone, it is resistant to the effects of weathering and atmospheric attack, and the ease by which it can be shaped makes terra cotta one of the most versatile building materials available.

The diverse use of architectural terra cotta in our prime markets of the USA and UK is testimony to this versatility, and is just as valid for today’s modern designs as it was for the classical buildings built 100 years ago.
Architectural Terra Cotta from Shaws of Darwen is a fired clay product from a prepared blend of clay. The clay body is pressed into molds forming hollow blocks ranging from simple ashlar to highly decorative units.
It is load-bearing, durable and fire-resistant. The throughbody colors are typically earthy such as red, buff, tawny and grey.

Shaws Terra Cotta columns

The application of a glaze to a terra cotta block forms a hard-wearing coloured surface of either gloss, eggshell or matt finish. This product is known as architectural faience or glazed terra cotta.