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Profile: Shaws MD, David Dare

As the owner and director of Shaws of Darwen, David Dare is one of the industry’s foremost authorities on the preservation, restoration and manufacture of architectural terra cotta. It’s a good job, with more 100 staff and over a century’s hand-crafted tradition to maintain.

Having taken over the company in 2009, after spending the previous two years as general manager, David continued to build Shaws’ reputation as a leading architectural terra cotta business, both in the UK and the US.

Traditional doesn’t mean ‘old fashioned’. David is keen to develop Shaws’ status as a forward-thinking business, refining all areas of operation without any detriment to the hand-crafted quality at the core of Shaws, as he explains:

‘Our intention is always to exceed our customers’ expectations in quality, delivery and value, through continuous improvement and customer service, combining traditional manufacturing methods with market-leading supply chain management.’

Ambition doesn’t count for much without ability, so it’s fortunate that David’s experience encompasses several different areas of expertise. As well holding a degree in manufacturing, he’s also a chartered mechanical engineer, a fellow of the Society of Operations Engineers and a fellow of the Institute of Plant Engineers. As you’d expect with a background like that, he worked as a professional engineer in some capacity in sectors including the automotive industry and construction products, before joining Shaws in 2007.

Since then, David’s drive to deliver more to Shaws Architectural Terra Cotta customers has resulted in recognitions such as the award of the ISO9001 Quality Standard Certification for all aspects of business and manufacturing. He comments:

‘Since I’ve taken over at Shaws, I’m really happy with the efforts we’ve made in all areas of the business, from management to manufacture and waste reduction. We’re a truly world-class business and a big part of this is because we never stop looking for ways to improve.’

If you’d like to discuss an architectural terra cotta project, please contact us.

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